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Mobile Crane Maintenance Programs

Proper maintenance should be among the top priorities when it comes to the operation and safety of a mobile crane. An effective mobile crane maintenance program can ensure these cranes perform optimally and do not cause unnecessary hazards. It is important not to overlook the implementation of a maintenance program and schedule for any mobile cranes you operate on job sites. At Crane Safety Associates of America, Inc. in McDonough, GA, we offer mobile crane maintenance services and plans to help ensure consistently safe mobile crane operation.

Routine Mobile Crane Maintenance

General mobile crane inspection and maintenance addresses all aspects of the crane. This includes the performance of maintenance tasks such as changing oil and air filters, greasing moving parts, maintaining correct tire pressure, and checking fluid levels, etc. Routine mobile crane maintenance also looks at and repairs or replaces as needed mechanical components that are prone to wear and tear, including the crane’s lifting mechanisms.

Preventative Mobile Crane Maintenance

Routine mobile crane maintenance is performed before and after crane operation, often with the use of a mobile crane daily inspection checklist. However, mobile crane annual inspection requirements (or monthly / quarterly as required), involve the use of preventative maintenance programs. Preventative mobile crane maintenance includes the inspection and any required servicing of the structural, mechanical, and electrical systems of the crane. These inspection and maintenance services may be prescribed by the manufacturer and/or other regulating authorities, such as OSHA.
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