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OSHA Periodic & Annual Inspection of Mobile Cranes

For companies that operate mobile cranes, it is vitally important to have crane inspections conducted at the required intervals as prescribe by the manufacturer and applicable Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) regulations. At Crane Safety Associates of America, Inc. in McDonough, GA, we can help ensure your mobile cranes undergo the inspections they need according to required periodic inspection and OSHA annual mobile crane inspection requirements.

Mobile Crane Inspection Requirements

OSHA requires all organizations operating cranes to have them inspected and maintained on a regular basis in order to prevent potential hazards and accidents. According to OSHA, at a minimum, all active cranes must undergo inspection once per year. In addition to the OSHA annual crane inspection requirements, additional inspections may be required based on the usage of the crane.

Frequent and Periodic Inspections

Frequent mobile crane inspections are generally classified as inspections to be conducted on a daily or monthly basis. Periodic inspections may occur yearly, quarterly, or even bi-monthly. Frequent inspections look at various crane operating mechanisms. Periodic inspections check for wear, damage, cracks, loose bolts, and related items on various components.

Compliance With Mobile Crane Inspection Regulations

Although avoiding penalties for failing to comply with inspection regulations is important, the primary reason to have proper mobile cranes inspections performed per OSHA requirements is to ensure safety for people and assets. Our team at Crane Safety Associates of America thoroughly understands the OSHA annual crane inspection requirements, along with any other applicable crane inspection responsibilities. We can help ensure you are covered when it comes to beneficial and mandated inspections on a frequent, periodic, and annual basis.

Meet the OSHA Periodic & Annual Crane Inspection Requirements

For more information about the OSHA mobile crane inspection requirements and how our team in McDonough, Georgia can help ensure your company fulfills them, call us today at 833.691.3100 or use our contact form to leave us a message.

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