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Rigging Services in McDonough, GA

Riggers are essential in the construction and building industry. Rigging involves the lifting and conveying of heavy materials, equipment, and other objects. The process of rigging for each site is customized according to the project needs. It is essential to only have highly trained rigging professionals performing any rigging work to ensure safety of human life and property. At Crane Safety Associates of America, Inc. in McDonough, GA, we offer crane rigging training and equipment inspection services that help ensure safe rigs for various industrial applications.

Rigging Equipment

The equipment used in rigging operations includes all devices and elements needed to lift, hoist, pull, and push objects in engineering, construction, and staging applications. Rigging equipment secures objects to be lifted and moved and also safely distributes their weight. On a construction site, rigging equipment can include chains, shackles, slings, spreader bars, anchors, and more.

Rigging Professionals

A trained rigging professional will understand the various types of rigging equipment and the variables that determine how it must be set up. Properly trained riggers know how to avoid accidents caused by improper rigging and the mishandling of loads. They are also trained in proper inspection procedures and can safely plan lifting operations, operate rigging equipment, and manage risks.

Our Crane Rigging Training Program

Our training course for rigging professionals includes a comprehensive study of the procedures, techniques, and uses of rigging equipment, in addition to the rigging operator’s responsibilities for inspecting chain, wire rope, and synthetic slings.

The topics covered in our crane rigging training include the following: 

  • Hand signals
  • Weight calculations
  • Lifting points
  • Sling angle stresses

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