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Crane Safety Associates is always seeking skilled technicians to join our growing team. We offer competitive wages and benefits packages including: medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage; long and short-term disability compensation; paid holidays; vacations; a 401k retirement plan; cell phones; and company trucks.

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Does CSAA offer on-site training?

Yes, CSAA offers training at your site any day of the week including weekends.

Can I take the NCCCO practical on my crane?

Yes but your crane will need to be certified by the NCCCO. Contact our training coordinators for complete details.

Does CSAA provide third party inspections on mobile and overhead cranes per OSHA regulations?

Yes, we provide annual and monthly inspections for mobile and overhead cranes.

How can I determine which OSHA regulation to follow, general industry or construction?

When an activity cannot be easily classified as construction or general industry even when measured against all of the “determining factors,” the activity should be classified so as to allow application of the more protective 1910 or 1926 standard, depending on the hazard. In the case of mobile cranes, the more protective standard is the 1926 standard with regard to operator qualification and certification.

My operations are considered "construction," what OSHA regulation must I follow for mobile crane operations?

OSHA developed 1926 Subpart CC that governs the use of mobile cranes in construction.

What are the requirements to operate a crane in construction?

Crane operators in construction must follow OSHA 1926.1427 before operating a crane in construction industry. Operators must be in compliance by November 10, 2014.