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Overhead Crane Inspection

Overhead Crane Inspection in McDonough, GA

Overhead cranes are used to lift heavy and large-sized objects which can cause serious damage if something goes wrong. The consistent safe operation of overhead cranes requires routine inspection. This includes an initial inspection before use for a new crane or one that has been modified as well as continued regular inspections thereafter. At Crane Safety Associates of America, Inc. in McDonough, GA, we offer overhead crane inspection services to ensure your overhead cranes are in safe working condition and comply with all applicable codes and standards.

Types of Overhead Crane Inspections

There are two main types of inspection required for overhead cranes once they are put into service. These include inspections that are performed anywhere from daily to monthly or monthly to once a year. 

Regardless of the frequency of the inspections, they generally examine various key parts of the overhead crane to determine areas of wear and tear, deterioration, or malfunction.

Some overhead crane parts that require daily inspection include functional operating mechanisms, hydraulic and air system components, and crane hooks. Other components that require monthly inspections include the hoist chain and end connections and rope and end connections. Inspection records must be updated after each inspection.

Overhead Crane Inspection Training Program

The safety of overhead cranes begins with a carefully created inspection program. Our overhead crane inspection program incorporates a detailed study of ANSI B30.2 and OSHA 1910.179 requirements that cover overhead cranes. We can train you as a crane operator in the skills you need to properly inspect overhead crane equipment and discover any safety issues before they become larger problems.

The items covered in our overhead crane inspection training course include:

  • The crane inspection process
  • Crane design
  • Responsibilities of the crane operator
  • Crane operator maintenance requirements
  • Classification and construction of wire rope

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