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Site Evaluations

Site Evaluations are procedures used to review your company’s crane safety policies, inspection practices, and operation of equipment, as well as determine the operator’s ability to operate the crane efficiently and safely.

The first part of this evaluation is to meet with key role personnel such as management, maintenance managers, etc. Here we learn the inside operations of your cranes, any concerns, and how work is typically done day to day.

Secondly, we review any inspection documents for the equipment looking at inspection frequencies, performing proper inspections, and any crane equipment that seems to routinely have problems.

Finally, we look at the operation itself. We evaluate the operator during his duties operating the crane. We want to see how items are rigged to be lifted, lifting and traveling with loads, having complete control until the load has been landed. We also look at potential safety issues with other equipment and personnel in the same vicinity.

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Are you unsure about crane inspections, operations, repairs, who can operate, or any other related safety concerns? Crane Safety can work with you to provide you with the information and peace of mind and to ensure you are up to…

Onsite Operator Skill Assessment

Onsite Operator Skill Assessment

The Crane Safety Operator Skills Assessment is designed to assess the candidate’s ability to safely operate the equipment. Candidates will be given both skills and written exams. Instructors will identify the candidate’s level of both understanding and ability, as well…

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