How To Operate an Overhead Crane

Overhead cranes are heavy-duty pieces of load-moving equipment. Since they’re attached to the ceilings of industrial facilities, they save lots of ground space, making room for other utilities or storage while simultaneously being used. Overhead cranes mainly consist of support beams covering the worksite’s entire width. The operator attaches loads using hoists, and tracks move the loads from one area to another. Since these machines are extremely heavy, powerful, and large, there are certain risks associated with operating them. Before operating them, you must have the proper training and understand the job to ensure safety and success.

Responsibilities of an Overhead Crane Operator

One of the first things that you’ll have to understand about overhead crane operation is the various requirements that come with the job, such as:

  • Having the ability to read several different documents, charts, and maps that will ensure safe and efficient load lifts
  • Keeping log books of operations, maintenance activities, and inspections
  • Watching over others’ work to ensure it meets the standards of safety and quality.

Getting The Right Training

Now that you know the requirements and responsibilities that come with being an overhead crane operator, what about training? While there are many options all over the world, there’s nothing quite like Crane Safety Associates of America Inc.’s programs. With over 100 years of professional experience, our training at Crane Safety Associates will stand out from the rest. Our overhead crane operator safety course includes:

  • An introduction to overhead cranes and their components
  • An overview and analysis of overhead crane controls
  • A tutorial on how to properly operate an overhead crane
  • A study of all the safety measures needed for overhead crane operations
  • Instruction on how to maintain and inspect overhead cranes
  • Education in the basics of rigging

With the right overhead crane training, you can learn the proper procedures that ensure safe crane lifts every time. At Crane Safety Associates of America Inc., we combine our safety-first values with our top-of-the-line training programs. If you’re aiming to take the best crane safety training available, don’t hesitate to call us today at 833-360-1108 for more info!

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