When Should Crane Inspections Take Place?

Safety should be the number one priority of any job site. Cranes, especially those used daily, experience natural wear and tear, need regular maintenance, and even break down on occasion. Any crane malfunction could pose a threat to you, others, and the efficiency of your workplace. To ensure proper crane safety, be sure to have your cranes inspected regularly and then conduct the appropriate repairs. Read on to learn how often you should inspect your cranes:

Initial Inspections 

When you first receive a brand-new crane, conduct an initial visual inspection. This also applies to any crane that has been modified in any way from its original state, new or used.

Routine Inspections

These should be done on a regular basis and involve more hands-on checks. The inspector should check the host chains, hooks, hydraulics, tanks, valves, lines, and the wire rope reeving system. The inspector should also listen for abnormal noises and look for signs of decay or maladjustments. The frequency of routine inspections largely depends on how often you use your crane. For example, a crane that is used on a consistent schedule should have an inspection at least once a month. For cranes under heavier workloads, inspections should be done every week. However, if a crane is used under stressful conditions, have it checked every day.

Periodic Inspections 

Conducted less frequently than routine inspections, periodic inspections focus on the small details of the crane, such as loose bolts, worn-out wheels, and overstretched chains. A crane under normal to heavy usage should have this type of inspection done once a year. If you haven’t used your crane for more than a month, always inspect it before operating.

Having your crane inspected is crucial to keeping your worksite running smoothly. Nothing halts efficiency like essential equipment shutting down. When you choose to have your crane inspected, make sure that it’s being done by trained professionals, such as the ones at Crane Safety Associates of America, Inc. We put safety first, combining it with our core values of professionalism and loyalty, to bring you the best crane service anywhere. Call us today at 833-360-1108 for crane inspections you can trust!

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